Privacy policy

Aumont Sake Brewery Inc. has established a policy for protection of personal information in accordance with laws and regulations related to the protection of personal information as follows:

  • 1. We will obey the law and other rules for the protection of personal information.
  • 2. We will collect and use personal information discreetly.
  • 3. We will not share your personal data with third party organizations without your permission except where permitted by law.
  • 4. We will deal with the request for disclosure of personal information and the procedure of complaints.
  • 5. When we entrust processing of personal information to external institutions, we will make sure they obey the laws and our policy under our control.
  • 6. We will not disclose or sell personal information on this site.

This policy came into effect as of 1st April 2005.

Use of personal information

We will only use personal information when
・we send gifts
・we send brochures of our products
・we send greeting cards
・we send invitation letters

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Aumont Sake Brewery Inc.
President: Kazutoyo Hasegawa
Privacy protection manager: Hirotoshi Gompei